ACU-DRAIN: Greasy, Trade and Laboratory Waste, Siphonic Stormwater and Sewer Pipelines Acu-Drain HDPE presents a comprehensive drain, waste, and vent system comprising pipes and fittings crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This versatile drainage pipe solution is extensively employed in commercial and industrial constructions to efficiently channel wastewater to designated points within buildings. Acu-Drain poly pipes find application in various scenarios, including siphonic drainage systems, greasy laboratory waste disposal, general plumbing, and stormwater drains. Joining Acu-Drain poly pipes is seamless with EF drainage fittings, readily available from Acu-Tech. Particularly in regions with high rainfall, such as the Pilbara area in W.A., and urban locales with expansive concrete or asphalt surfaces prone to rainwater accumulation, poly drainage pipes are the preferred choice. … Continue reading Acu-Drain