ACU-COMMS – Communications Conduit in Safely Packaged Coils Acu-Comms Communication Conduit is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with a white co-extruded outer layer for clear identification. Advances in cable technologies, as well as the expense of repairing sensitive cable materials like fibre optic cable, have driven preferences for protective conduit over that of direct burial. Acu-Comms conduit provides superior mechanical protection to fragile cable materials like fibre optic and coaxial cables, as well as protection from moisture or chemicals and even, in some cases, animals. Furthermore, the permanent pathway provided by conduit also facilitates replacement projects or future installations of additional cable or duct. Acu-Tech sells Telstra subduct, which is an internal duct inside the communications conduit, also known … Continue reading Acu-Comms