HDPE Pipeline Valves

Acu-Tech supplies a large range of valves, including seated valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, P.E valves and check valves. With Acu-Flow branding, these valves can be supplied torqued if required. Download the Acu-Flow gate valve data sheet below. The most common type of valves are butterfly valves and gate valves: Butterfly valves have a rotating disc in the middle of the pipeline which pivots to open or close the pipeline. Butterfly valves are very common as they are reliable and low maintenance and can be fitted with a handwheel or a lever handle. Butterfly valves can have a lugged, wafer or flanged body. Shouldered butterfly valves and lugged butterfly valves can be supplied to WaterMark approvals. Gate valves work as … Continue reading HDPE Pipeline Valves

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