Poly Sweep Bend Custom Fabrication

Sweep Bends are one of Acu-Tech’s specialities! With a fully equipped PE fabrication workshop and experienced and qualified operators, Acu-Tech Piping Systems fabricates PE sweep bends, spools and components from pipe and sheet to client specifications. Acu-Tech’s fabricated poly sweep bends range in size from 30 mm to 800 mm, and can be manufactured from Acu-Black or Acu-Therm material, meaning a co-ex white pipeline can have a matching co-ex white bend! HDPE sweep bends can also be custom made in blueline stripe, or any other colour. Acu-Tech stocks the standard sizes and angles of HDPE sweep bends, but can also manufacture custom sweep bends to suit your specification. Seamless long radius HDPE sweep bends can be made with flanged ends, … Continue reading Poly Sweep Bend Custom Fabrication

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