Drainage Pipe (HDPE)

Acu-Tech sells a wide range of PE drainage pipes and fittings for plumbing & drainage application, known as the Acu-Drain pipe system. These are non-pressure pipes suited for drainage and wastewater in industrial or building applications. Acu-Tech Piping Systems manufactures polyethylene drainage pipes in Western Australia. These pipes can be pressure pipe or non-pressure pipe, depending on the application. Drainage pipes are plain black on the outside, and has a thin wall compared to pressure pipe, as the contents are not under much pressure. What is Acu-Tech Drainage Pipe? HDPE drainage pipes may also be known as polyethylene flood pipe, which is large diameter pipe for storm-water or high-volume drainage applications. Acu-Tech’s drainage pipes, known as Acu-Drain pipe system, comes … Continue reading Drainage Pipe (HDPE)

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