FastFusion Trac20 Welder Hire

FAST FUSION Trac20 Tracked Fusion Welder MFT20 – (Self-Contained Butt Welder up to 500 mm) Acu-Tech’s Fast Fusion Trac20® Butt Welder rental is perfect for butt fusion welding long HDPE pipelines in demanding environments. The ‘MobileFusion’ butt welder is an all-weather fusion system that incorporates weld bead cooling technology. By bringing fusion welding operations into the safety of an air-conditioned cab, butt welding crews are safer and more productive on site – teams can become up to 70% more productive than using conventional fusion welding machines. The FastFusion butt welder has a self-contained C4.4 caterpillar diesel engine, which together with the 9 kW on-board generator, powers the track mechanism and the butt welding equipment. One of the key benefits of … Continue reading FastFusion Trac20 Welder Hire

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