Custom Y Junction Fabrication

Acu-Tech Piping Systems fabricates poly Y junctions for branching off a HDPE pipeline. Y junctions are also known as true Y pieces, fabricated junction or forks. Y junctions are fabricated from two pieces of Acu-Tech’s polyethylene pipe, and can be made in any colour and size up to 630 mm. Sometimes called a poly wye, a Y-shaped fitting has three openings and is used to create branch lines out of polyethylene pipe. The length of HDPE Y Junctions are specified in the PIPA document ‘PE Fabricated Fittings For Pressure Applications: De-rating Requirements’, which states in section 4.3 segmented tees and y junctions: “Fabricated equal and reduced tees and y junctions, manufactured by butt fusion jointing PE pipe segments, shall be … Continue reading Custom Y Junction Fabrication

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