Electrofusion Pressure Welder

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Acu-Tech sells state-of-the-art Electrofusion Welding equipment. The EF300 Pressure Welder is used for electrofusion jointing pressurised HDPE pipes and fittings for diameters from 20mm up to 1200mm diameter. Built to withstand harsh site conditions, the EF300 welder is easy to use, and has large start and stop buttons, colour coded for easy recognition. New technology has led to the development of a generation of HDPE welding products that boasts an array of unique and revolutionary features. Acu-Tech’s EF300 Pressure Welder has been designed and built by a reputable company in Germany, with the low weight and compact dimensions not compromising the top-notch performance ability and unconditional reliability. If you value your welding operator’s time, the EF300GPS Pressure Welder units have … Continue reading Electrofusion Pressure Welder

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