Weld Bead Remover

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Acu-Tech sells Bead removers to remove the bead left by Butt Welding. Also known as De-beaders, these poly pipe installation tools remove the weld bead on the inside, or outside of the pipe. A different tool is used for removing the exterior HDPE pipe bead, and for removing the interior HDPE Pipe bead. Removing the bead will allow better flow through the pipeline and reduce friction. Acu-Tech can supply External Debeaders, Internal Debeaders and Bead Gauges. Poly Bead Gaugegs are used to gauge the final bead width of a butt welded joint to ensure that the width is within the specified tolerance. An External Debeading tool removes the outer bead that is formed on the exterior of the HDPE pipe … Continue reading Weld Bead Remover

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