Shouldered Couplings

Shouldered couplings can be used to join HDPE pipe when it is not practical to butt weld or EF weld. Klambon shouldered pipe couplings meet or exceed HDPE pressure ratings and allow for pulling or dragging the joined pipe. Shoulder couplings are ideal for fast coupling and release and are very well suited to temporary pipelines or de-watering applications. Only a standard socket wrench or impact driver is required to fit shouldered fittings. Size range is from 50 mm to 355 mm. Toggle couplings come with a locking clip to avoid accidental opening of the coupling. Couplings are rated to 25 bar working pressure, 50 bar test pressure. Couplings are manufactured from cast steel grade 1030 min. Shouldered couplings mechanically … Continue reading Shouldered Couplings

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