Re-Rounding Clamps

Repair Clamps & Re-Rounding Clamps Require a mechanical repair or connection fitting? Acu-Tech has access to a range of stainless-steel repair clamp fittings for emergency and maintenance applications. These re-rounding clamps are suitable for metallic and plastic pipes, with a size range from 20 mm to 900 mm diameter. Re-rounding tools are used to fix poly pipe that may have been squashed or bent, in preparation for welding. Re-rounding clamps are used to make pipe round again prior to electrofusion welding, when ovality has been caused by storage or manufacture. Large diameter hydraulic re-rounding clamps are used for re-rounding large diameter PE pipe prior to use with electrofusion couplers. They are designed to aid the re-rounding process after a PE … Continue reading Re-Rounding Clamps

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