PP-R Pipe Systems

ACU-TECH PP-R – Pipe System for Warm, Hot and Cold Water Pipelines Acu-Tech offers a new generation of high performance PP-R material (PP-RCT), a product that has led to a breakthrough for the advancement of PP pressure piping systems. The Acu-Tech PP-R system has been designed for the use both in sanitary applications for the supply of hot and cold water, and in the heating and air-conditioning industry. The system can also be used for industrial applications for transporting chemicals and liquid foods. PP-R is an acronym for Polypropylene Random Co-polymer. Advantages of PP-RCT (Polypropylene Random Co-polymer with modified Crystalline structure and enhanced Temperature performance): Strength: 5.0 MPa at 70oC / 50 years, which is over 50% higher than standard PP-R at … Continue reading PP-R Pipe Systems

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