Poly Tee Fabrication

Acu-Tech Piping Systems manufactures custom fabricated poly tees in Perth, Western Australia. Poly tees are used to branch off a pipeline, and are sometimes known as pull tees, spigot tees, moulded tees, welded tees, CNC fabricated tees, equal tees and reducing tees. As a specialist in poly tee fabrication, Acu-Tech stocks the main sizes of HDPE tees, and can also manufacture tees to suit your requirements. What is the difference between Forge T’s, Spigot T’s, Moulded T’s, Welded T’s, CNC Fabricated T’s, Equal T’s and Reducing T’s? The different types of poly tees are: Forge-Tees – Pull Tees. Forge tees, pull tees, reducing tees, or necking tee’s are manufactured by drilling a hole in the side of a piece of … Continue reading Poly Tee Fabrication

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