PE100 HSCR Pipe using Alkadyne HSCR resin

Acu-Tech can manufacture PE100 HSCR (High Stress Crack Resistant) polyethylene pipe, which is an improvement on PE100, and has a high resistance to Slow Crack Growth (SCG). The use of PE100 HSCR resin in HDPE pipe enables more efficient pipelines, by potentially reducing wall thickness, lowering the installation cost, and increasing the service life of the pipeline. What is PE100 HSCR resin? PE100 HSCR resin is a special high-quality material, which has increased resistance to slow crack growth that may be initiated by rock or root impingement or damage to the pipe during installation. Qenos Alkadyne® HCR193B material is used, which complies with PE100 requirements as defined in AS/NZS 4131, but additionally meets more rigorous stress crack resistance requirements defined … Continue reading PE100 HSCR Pipe using Alkadyne HSCR resin

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