PE Puddle Flange Fabrication

Acu-Tech Piping Systems fabricates custom sized puddle flange / puddle flanges for plumbing applications. Custom fabricated PE puddle flanges are joined to a pipeline within a building to stop water running along the outside of the pipe. Puddle flanges are usually fabricated from HDPE drainage pipe, and look like a round collar on a short piece of pipe. Using our own polyethylene Acu-Drain pipe, Acu-Tech’s HDPE fabrication workshop manufactures puddle flanges using CNC machines and extrusion welding techniques. Also known as leak control flanges, puddle flanges are made to suit the customers requirements, and can be made from HDPE pressure pipe if required. Puddle flanges are available in the following sizes: 50 mm hpde puddle flange 40NB (344050). 56 mm … Continue reading PE Puddle Flange Fabrication

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