Mechanical Tapping Band

Mechanical Tapping Bands, mainly used for water pipes, come in two parts, with four bolts joining them around the pipeline. The Acu-Flow DCI tapping bands are the ultimate solution for connection of PE main pipelines to branch pipelines for cold water. Made from epoxy-coated ductile cast iron (DCI), these fittings come with an EPDM rubber seal, making a durable and leak free join. The upper and lower parts of the Acu-Flow tapping bands are lined with rubber to prevent rotational movement around the main pipe. Clamp saddles, or mechanical tapping bands are available to join onto 32 mm to 400 mm pipelines, with various off-take sizes. Acu-Tech supplies Tapping Saddles, Clamp Saddles and Tapping Bands, for joining an outlet into … Continue reading Mechanical Tapping Band

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