Extrusion Welding Guns

Acu-Tech Piping Systems sells three types of Poly Welding Extrusion Guns. Extrusion Guns are used to manually weld beads of poly onto HDPE pipe or sheet, similar to MIG or TIG welding. Extrusion Guns can be bought or hired from Acu-Tech, who is also a Poly Welding Wire Supplier, and can provide suitable wire for your Extrusion Gun.   HT1600 plastic fabrication kit: Your hot air equipment for welding PE, PP and PVC plastic sheets. The energy HT1600 is a compact, high-performance hot-air hand tool suitable for a wide range of professional applications. This tool is a firm favourite thanks to its modern design, solid performance and unbeatable value. Variable temperature control up to 700°C Ceramic heating element Robust brush … Continue reading Extrusion Welding Guns

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