Electrofusion Welders

HDPE Electrofusion Welders HDPE Electrofusion Welders, which have been meticulously engineered from the ground up, leverage the extensive expertise accumulated by HÜRNER over several decades. They embody HÜRNER’s signature traits: lightweight design, compact dimensions, and outstanding performance. Additionally, HDPE Electrofusion Welders are equipped with GPS technology for effortless geo-coordinate recording at the push of a button. Whether it involves jointing in safety-sensitive zones within gas networks, including precise geographic data capture, working with components of varying diameters (e.g., geothermal or sanitary fittings with small diameters or wastewater applications with larger diameters), HDPE Electrofusion Welders consistently demonstrate their unwavering reliability. This reliability is built upon more than 35 years of dedicated development and manufacturing experience. The HST 300 Print+ 2.0 boasts … Continue reading Electrofusion Welders

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