Electrofusion Drainage Welder

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Acu-Tech sells state-of-the-art Electrofusion Drainage Welding equipment. Electrofusion, or EF Welders, are used to weld Electrofusion fittings to HDPE Pipe. Electrofusion Drainage Welders are used for low pressure HDPE Drainage pipe, and the electrofusion fittings for Drainage Pipe. The EFD160 drainage welder is designed exclusively for electrofusion jointing of PE discharge lines up to 160mm diameter, making it perfect for low-pressure HDPE pipes and fittings, used in the plumbing and drainage industry. The EFD160 drainage welder weighs only 1.7 kg, allowing it to be carried with ease around the job site. Its compact dimensions make it highly portable, and suited to demanding work environments. The inbuilt welding monitoring system automatically controls and monitors the welding process. The success or failure … Continue reading Electrofusion Drainage Welder

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