Electrofusion Brass Transition Fittings

An electrofusion transition insert is used to join a HDPE pipe to a BSP brass threaded fitting. This allows ½” to 4”  BSP threaded pipe to connect to a HDPE Pipe via a brass threaded fitting. With a size range from 20 mm to 110 mm, BSP brass electrofusion transition insert fittings come in SDR 11, SDR 13.6 & SDR 17. Electrofusion transition insert fittings are made from PE100 material with a precisely moulded energising coil of wire, ensuring uniform melting for a strong electrofusion joint and the minimisation of welding and cooling times. SDR 11, SDR 13.6 and SDR17 electrofusion transition inserts are rated to PN16 water and 1000 kPa gas. Brass threaded transition electrofusion fittings are suitable for … Continue reading Electrofusion Brass Transition Fittings

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