Electrofusion 90 Elbow Fittings

A 90⁰ electrofusion elbow is used to join two lengths of poly pipe on an angle of 90 degrees. Electrofusion elbow 90⁰ fittings are also used to join a long spigot fitting to a piece of pipe around a 90⁰ corner. With a size range from 20 mm to 180 mm, electrofusion elbow fittings come in SDR 11 (which also suits SDR 13.6 & SDR 17). Electrofusion elbows are rated to PN16 water and 1000 kPa gas. Electrofusion elbow fittings are made from PE100 material with a precisely moulded energizing coil of wire, ensuring uniform melting for a strong electrofusion joint and the minimization of welding and cooling times. 90⁰ elbow electrofusion fittings are suitable for use for HDPE pipe, … Continue reading Electrofusion 90 Elbow Fittings

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