Electrofusion Welder Hire

Acu-Tech has Electrofusion welding machines for hire. Electrofusion, or EF Welders, are used to weld Electrofusion fittings to HDPE Pipe. Electrofusion Welder Rental is a cost-effective way to get the job done, without having to invest in machinery up front. EF Welders can be hired at a daily rate for between 24 hours to a few months, depending on your requirements. You can hire an Electrofusion Welder if you need to join HDPE pipe with Electrofusion Fittings. The EF Welder will need a normal power source, either from mains power or from a generator. Usually, you will need an extension cord if you hire an EF welder, as the electricity cord is usually only 2-3 metres. Electrofusion welders are robust, … Continue reading Electrofusion Welder Hire

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