Acu-Gas HDPE Pipe Systems

The Acu-Gas Piping System, manufactured from HDPE (High Dense Polyethylene), is the system of choice for below ground natural and LP gas mains and reticulation / distribution pipelines.  The gas distribution industry is an important sector for high integrity products, where the safe transport of gaseous fuels is of paramount importance. Gas distribution was among the first applications of Polyethylene (PE) pipe, particularly in Europe and North America.  In fact, many of the systems currently in use have been in continuous service since 1960 with great success.  Today, it’s estimated that over 90% of pipe installed worldwide for the natural gas distribution industry is Polyethylene. HDPE gas pipe can be joined with electrofusion fittings, or butt welding. Acu-Tech HDPE gas … Continue reading Acu-Gas HDPE Pipe Systems

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