Acu-Tech at Dowerin Field Day

Acu-Tech Piping Systems had a stand at the Dowerin Field Day, on 29th and 30th August 2018. During the two days, Acu-Tech displayed the new range of Acu-Rural Poly Pipe, including the unique 50m coils of Red Stripe Poly Pipe. Rural Poly Compression Fittings were on display and the new Electrofusion joining systems created a lot of interest amongst the farming community. Rather than using Rural Poly Compression Fittings, Farmers could use Electrofusion fittings to join lengths of Acu-Rural Poly Pipe, for irrigation or drainage applications. Acu-Water blueline poly pipe coils are a favourite of the rural farming community, and Acu-Tech’s new distribution channel to rural areas through Elders Farm Supplies was appreciated by many.

Extrusion demonstrations showed people how to repair old Poly Water Tanks, and how easy it is to install a new outlet using an extrusion welder. A demonstration of Acu-Tech’s 630mm Dixon Welder (available for hire) was performed by PolyWeld Tech Academy, who showed the method and principles of Butt Welding with two lengths of Co-Ex White HDPE Pipe. Some farmers had used similar butt welding technology for Blueline Pressure pipe over the past decades, but all agreed that on thinner wall Rural Pipe, Rural Poly Compression Fittings were much more reliable.

As a bonus, the Elders pavillion (Including the Acu-Tech stand) was awarded “Most Outstanding Exhibitor 2018”, as judged by a survey of attendees!

Have a look at some of our photos below.

Acu-Tech display at Dowerin Field Day - Imperial size Poly Pipe

The Acu-Tech Stand at Dowerin Field Day!

Acu-Tech demonstrating butt welding of HDPE Poly Pipe

Acu-Tech’s 630 Dixon Butt Welder (Available for Hire) being used for a Butt Welding Demonstration.

Acu-Tech Poly Welding Extrusion Guns for sale, Poly Welding Hot Air Guns for Sale

An Extrusion Welding Demonstration – showing how to install an outlet or repair holes on a poly tank. View Acu-Tech’s Extrusion Welder Range here.

Acu-Tech Imperial size Poly Pipe, HDPE Pipe, Acu-Rural Pipe for Farming.

Some future farmers!

Acu-Tech at Dowerin Field Day - Rural Poly Compression Fittings

Tim – The happy winner of an Acu-Tech Bar Fridge

Acu-Tech at Dowerin Field Day - Rural Compression Fittings

Jen – The winner of another Bar Fridge!

Acu-Tech at Dowerin Field Day - Rural PE Compression Fittings, Poly Compression Fittings, Poly Hand Fittings

Another happy Bar Fridge winner!

Acu-Tech at Dowerin Field Day - Rural Poly Compression Fittings, HDPE Pipe for Farming Areas, Poly Hand Tightened Pipe Fitting

Acu-Tech’s Stand at the Dowerin Field Day.